Who is Basia Christ?

Rev. Basia has an MBA in Marketing from Keller Graduate School, Oak Brook, IL and a BS in Business from Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL.

After starting on her spiritual journey, she first received a PhD in Spiritual Counseling (metaphysicsuniversity.com) and then  a M.I.N.D.S.© Holistic Alternative Psychology Master (www.holisticpsychologyschool.com) resulting from interviews with 26 courageous women who give back to the world.

She is a passionate speaker who wants to help people who are going through the dark night of their souls to let help them reach the light and show them their path to greatness.

She is an insightful author of From Ash to Flame: Women Rising who shares her journey from being suicidal to becoming an altruistic kidney donor. Her second book, Step into Your Power … and FLY!, will be published summer 2016. Her third book, Breaking Adam’s Rib: Healing the Fracture Between Women and Men is currently being written.

She is an inspired artist whose paintings capture the essence of each subject – their heart, soul, and spirit.

She is a relentless advocate for those who have lost their voices, such as those who are victims of abuse of any kind and human trafficking.

And she creates one-of-a-kind products you can purchase through her “Unique Boutique.”

Her media kit is available online.

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