A New Life in Colorado

Double rainbow in Boulder

On April 1, 2018, after a 5-day moving trauma from California, I settled into my new home in Longmont where I am now close to my daughters, Elke, who lives in Longmont as well, and Kirsten, who lives in Boulder, a 1/2 hour away.

Much as happened since my last post, has it been so many months already? I decided to move last winter and began packing, getting my home ready for sale and looking for something affordable in Colorado.

Two weeks before my move, my 14-year companion, Blue Belle, my pit, was diagnosed with lymphoma. She made the move with me, but within six weeks, I had to “let her go.” I miss her. I miss my friends.

Although I had to “let go” of much of my furniture because the truck was too small, I still have memories of long walks on the beaches, lunch with friends, networking, struggling to keep up with payments, working, and having something to do every day.

I am in free fall and unsure of what my new life will be. All I know is, since the move, I have found peace. A calmness I never have experienced. A slower pace. Introspection. Awaiting new adventures.