Inequality Hurts Everyone

Today will begin a new series of articles on the above topic. As I conduct research and interviews for my latest book, Breaking Adam’s Rib: Healing the Fracture Between Woman and Man, I am discovering reasons why men have become advocates for women’s rights and many have created organizations to educate men about the benefits of this choice.

I also determined why the Women’s Rights Movement, prevalent from the 1960s to 1970s failed. Women were fed up with less pay for working the same job, sexual harassment in the workplace, sexist jokes, jeering and leering while walking down the street. They began using their voice to demand the end of these actions once and for all.

Unfortunately, many women turned into “men bashers” and became aggressive. The stereotype of a feminist became one of a hardened woman who hated men. For most of the women, this stereotype was false, but for those who yelled the loudest, this label was firmly attached.

The writing on this book has opened my eyes to what will work now and in the future. I have found many men who are working together with women, believing this is the time for true equality, for true partnerships, one sex walking next to the other, equally.

Going forward, I will share my observations and parts of interviews with women and men who are finally “getting it.” The way to true equality is through cooperation.