presentation5 Path to Rising to Your Greatness

Basia Christ planned on ending her life on August 14, 2005 when she did something she hadn’t done for more than four decades, she begged God to give her a purpose. He answered her pleadings 74 days later with a challenge:  “Why not you?” What happened over the next eight years changed her life after interviewing 26 women globally who provided paths to help her rise to her greatness. Rev. Basia will share the following five women’s stories and the path each provided: Ngawang Sangdrol, a Tibetan nun who was imprisoned by the Chinese for 11 years in the infamous Drapchi Prison for demanding the freedom of the Dalai Lama, provided a path to faith. 3’8” Peggy O’Neill, who hated her short stature until she found self-love and a healthy self-image, provided the path to self- acceptance. Sibel Edmonds from Turkey, who lost her job at the FBI after reporting our government received warnings before 9/11, provided the path to speaking the truth –no matter what the consequences. Erin Runnion, whose 5-year-old daughter Samantha was kidnapped, raped, and murdered, provided a path for finding joy in life again. Basia wrote From Ash to Flame: Women Rising and kept her promise to 26 women to tell their stories of courage, triumph, and service.

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017Human Trafficking: It’s In Our Backyard
This presentation is for any organization interested in learning more about the international crisis of human trafficking and how prevalent it is in the United States – especially California!



latafamilyWhy I Became an Altruistic Kidney Donor
On November 3, 2010, I saved not only Lata Kothari’s life, but also my own. During this presentation, I share how God’s challenge repeated challenge of “Why not you?” took me from being suicidal to giving a kidney to a stranger. Attendees will learn about the process of giving a kidney and how this act changed my life.


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May 2015 – A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

April 2015 – Be Curious, Not Judgmental

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